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Anaheim Family Intervention

Holding a Family Intervention in Anaheim, CA

When you have a loved that is addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, it can have a devastating toll on everyone. The addict is unable to see how their behavior is negatively impacting the people around them, they think that the only person they are hurting is themselves. Many times they will be in denial about how bad their problem really is. This denial can make it hard for the family to convince them that they need help for their substance abuse. A Better Today believes that an active involvement on the part of the family can have a significant impact on your loved one’s recovery. Holding an intervention may be the only way for the addict to see how their actions are hurting those around them.

Staging an Intervention

If you have tried to get your loved one help and they have refused, it is time to hold an intervention. In order to facilitate the best outcome of an intervention is it imperative that there is an atmosphere of concern, love and care. Interventions that do not go well often leave the addict feel as though they are being attacked for their behavior. This can result in the addict shutting down from loved ones and diving deeper into addiction. Employing the use of a professional interventionist is recommended because they are able to act as an unbiased third party. An interventionist will also make sure the intervention stays on the right track. In order to keep the aura of love and care is to voice how worried you are for the wellbeing of the addicted loved one and how their actions have negatively impacted your life and their life. There needs to be a gentle balance between concern and assertiveness. This will help ensure the loved one will take the intervention seriously. An effective intervention will result in the individual agreeing to go to treatment for their addiction, as well as feel they have the support from the family that can be astronomical for their recovery. Don’t wait any longer to stage an intervention for your loved one. Living in active addiction is like being stuck in a nightmare, displaying you love and concern can be all the need to wake up.

The Benefits of an Intervention

In addition to getting the addict to seek treatment, an intervention can benefit the family members during the process. Family members and loved ones will be able to gain a deeper level of understanding into the disease of addiction as well as being provided an opportunity to express their feelings about how the addict’s behavior has negatively impacted their lives. Additionally, the family is provided a chance to reopen channels of communication that the addiction has damaged, it also allows for family to be able to be in a position to assist their loved one throughout the recovery process. Having the support of their family is a monumental benefit during the recovery process. Having an effective support system in place before, during and after going to rehab greatly increases the probability that the recovering addict and their family will have a fulfilling life together. Call us today at (714) 450-6992 and speak to someone about setting up an intervention.