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Anaheim Detox & Withdrawal

Living in Anaheim and Going Through Detox and Withdrawal

When you are stuck in the midst of addiction, you understand that when you try to detox, you will go through withdrawals. This happens because your body has become physically dependent upon the substance(s) you are using. At A Better Today, we will work with you through your detox in order to ensure your withdrawal symptoms are managed medically resulting in minimal withdrawals. Going through a detox is critical because it clears the fog left in your mind and allows for the opportunity to be solely focused on your treatment.

What can A Better Today do to Help with Wtihdrawal

When you are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol your body will develop a chemical dependency to the substance(s). This dependency is what will cause withdrawals when an addict decides to stop using. The fear of going through withdrawals helps continue to cycle of use. Withdrawal symptoms will vary from substance to substance and depend on the severity of use and amount of substance being used. Some common symptoms that are associated with many drugs and alcohol are sweating, shaking, tremors, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, depression, anxiety, fatigue, irritability, loss of appetite, headaches, and seizures. Knowing that they may experience these symptoms, addicts will continue to use in order to avoid going through them. At A Better Today, we use a medically managed withdrawal process that will help alleviate these symptoms. With the help of medications, the pain that happens from withdrawing will be significantly reduced. It is important for the person who is coming into detox to be completely honest about their drug and/or alcohol use so our attending physician can develop the right plan to regulate your withdrawal symptoms. This plan depends on the substance(s) being abused, how long the abuse has been occurring and the amount of substance that is being used. Being stuck in the perpetual cycle of addiction is a horrible way to live, don’t’ wait any longer to stop using.

Detoxing with A Better Today

The purpose of detox is to alleviate the chemicals that are in your body that have built up over a period of substance abuse. Once you have cleared your body of the toxins you are able to begin the process of treatment. When you first arrive, it is vital to communicate with the doctor in an honest an open manner. Not being honest about your what you are using, how long you have been using, and what medications you are taking, will present a problem in the formulation of your detox plan. At A Better Today, we provide what is called a medically-assisted detox. This means you will receive medication that will reduce the withdrawal symptoms and help to minimize the length of the detox. This form is detoxification is remarkably less painful and safer than trying to quit cold turkey. Withdrawals from alcohol and drugs in the benzodiazepine class are known to cause seizures that have led to individuals dying. It is extremely important to go through a detox in a medically supervised setting. This is where A Better Today comes in, call us today at (714) 450-6992 and stop the cycle of addiction today.